Angelica Nanda Schäfer & j0jo Norell – Freemove

Dance your yoga from inner stillness to exploratory movement and let your movement be your meditation and liberation!

We invite you to exploratory movement when we mix conscious dance, yoga and dynamic meditation. You are guided between deep stillness and higher vibrations using the magical energy of music played by a live dj. The purpose is to increase your bodily awareness and raise your inner potential; ”it´s all about finding the freedom within”.

Gain a stronger sense of self and deeper insight into who you are, what you want and get more present in the moment.

Organic Morning Yoga 
Let your body wake up with conscious breathing and soft movements that eventually grows into stronger flows. 

The structure of Yoga helps us to find our inner stability from which we expand into an organic flow with the elements.

Running Yoga
“It’s not about how fast you move your body. It’s about how slow you move your mind.”

Running yoga is the combination of meditation, running and yoga.

It’s about keeping the center and stillness of meditation while walking and running. Through entering the runner’s “zone” through meditation before the running makes the whole experience a relaxed state of tranquillity in motion. Running as the observer and staying detached from the body.

Angelica Nanda Schäfer
Angelica is a yoga- and pilates teacher, Osho sannyas, personal trainer, ayurvedic health counselor, lecturer, masseur and inspirator with many years of experience. Her classes are characterized by an educational playfulness where rhythm and finding your own unique expressions as well as biomechanics and body awareness are given place. She teaches Embodied Yoga Principles, EYP, which creates a bridge between what we do on the floor in the classes with how we act and react in our everyday lives.

Angelica runs her own yoga and health studio aYoY on a full-time basis and is the creator of the Freemove concept where yoga, meditation and dance therapy are integrated. She holds space for retreats both in Sweden and abroad and has also worked as a yoga teacher in Thailand in recent years. She is one of the main organizers of the annual YoDa festival; Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival.

JOjo Norell
jOjo has been a dj for 30 years and dj´s the music in the freemove classes. He is also a Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga and meditation for the past 11 years and last year he became a certified teacher in Embodied Yoga Principles, EYP. He is one of the main organizers of the international Stockholm Yoga and Dance festival and Ängsbackas Yoga and Dance Easter festival and is an initiated Osho sannyasin.