Kindfullness – Mikael Karlholm

Dear friend, welcome to explore Kindfullness with me, Mikael. My journey home that always begins in the now, starts and ends with my love and compassion for myself. In my love for myself, another reality opens where you and I become ONE! The Way of Heart is the Way of Love. How can it be better then this?

Mikael studied Tibetan Buddhism with Dalai Lama in the Library of Dharamsala as a twenty-year-old, followed by years of vipassana training with S. N. Goenka. Mikael took vipassana (what we are now calling mindfulness) to Sweden, and founded the Vipassana group. He also spent time with Osho, Papaji, Ramesh Balzekar, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and other teachers. A burning interest to grow to learn new things and to share this further has been and still is his passion.

Since it has always been natural for Mikael to share what he perceived as beneficial to himself, he soon began to invite spiritual teachers and inspirators to Sweden to make more acquainted with their knowledge, insights and experiences. During the last 45 years he has organised events with hundreds of teachers, artists and workshop leaders. For example, he has worked closely with Byron Katie for 20 years and in 2013, he and Candra – then Spiritual Events – arranged an event with Eckhart Tolle, who drew 2,000 people. Mikael is burning for the world to wake up to more love and compassion for all beings. We have to think for at least 7 generations – All we do is open the gates so those who come after can live in a world where loving kindness is a matter of course.

Mikael has always loved to gather representatives of different spiritual traditions, create meetings and fellowships where we meet in what unites us all. He was also a part of starting and running Ängsbacka Kursgård and the No Mind festival that has been held there annually for more than 20 years, and is famous all over the world.

Mikael loves music as a door to our heart. He was the one who took Miten and Deva Premal to Sweden for almost 25 years and hundreds of other musicians.

Mikael is a “Grandfather” in the Spiritual development in Sweden. As he says, “I will continue spreading the word that love is all that matters to my last breath and certainly after that too!”