Luna – Movement Alchemy

Luna has been exploring the field of body therapy and personal development for over 20 years. She has 10+ years of leading and arranging workshops related to dance and movement therapy.

Currently working as a personal trainer and motivator, massage therapist and movement/meditation instructor at Kankliniken in Stockholm.

Founder and owner of Movement Alchemy, DanceHappenings and Stark Insida.
Trained in Bioenergetics, Embodied Intimacy, Dance Therapy, Coaching, B2B, Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Martial Arts and several forms of Movement Therapy.

Movement Alchemy

Discover your primal instincts through Movement, Breath and Sound. This is an invitation for you to explore your Human Animal Body. Through Movement, Breath and Sound, Luna will guide you to the deep primal and the subtle inner witness, your soul – Anima.

This is the new black when it comes to empowerment, body awareness, recovery and self-compassion. Simple and yet powerful techniques from bioenergetics, breath work, mindfulness and yoga in a lovely combination. For everyone with the longing to feel and explore the whole intelligence of this amazing body.