Rasmus Schröder – Total Play

Rasmus Schröder is a Play Enthusiast, Meditation Instructor and Osteopath. All his adult life Rasmus has been engaged in a playful and serious endeavour to know himself, to know Truth, to know Life. The inner life, healing, spirituality and the body has been his main areas of exploration. His love of direct experience and spontaneity in singing, poetry, movement, dance, music and joyful madness come together in the journey of Total Play.

Total Play

In Total Play you will be guided to a safe space for spontaneous expression beyond the limits of ordinary life. You are invited to Be You, All of You; the simple, the crazy, the sad, the meticulous, the shy, the primal, the noisy… with all your expressions – dance, movement, voice, music, roles, feelings, nonsense, seriousness, longing… In interaction and with yourself.

In the workshop Rasmus will guide you to open doors to these different areas of play and parts of yourself, to get confident and comfortable and dare come alive in new ways. After the guided intro the space opens for free play and interaction.

The social cage we live in thoroughly limits our body, voice, thoughts and feelings, creating endless mindless repetition. We submit to these rules consciously and unconsciously. Total Play invites you to take steps back toward the 360 degree reality we held as children, where opportunities for play and exploration were endless. They still are. Who wants to come out and play? 🙂