Suzanne Gieser – Intentional Work (INW)

Suzanne Gieser is Ph.D., licensed psychotherapist and supervisor, specialist in trauma.

Intentional Work (INW)

Open your creativity in the interactional flow between intention and relaxation.

Try a mini-version of a workshop that integrates self-exploration, guided meditation, presence dialogues, body wisdom, creative expression, the manifestation of “the present moment” and decision-making.

We work with processes that stimulate all our senses, around a hub that is an issue that is important to us in life. By switching between what one calls in modern neuroscience, the brain’s control network and the default network, new perspectives are opened and unexpected creative ideas emerge.

We also use the wisdom of the body, co-creative dialogue in presence and creative expressions to open ourselves up to the issue in from many angles, which helps us make concrete decisions.

The method is based on the non-dualistic worldview formulated by psychologist CG Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli. The central point of departure is that when we put our conscious intentions in harmony with the form principles of the cosmos (the archetypes) – we become co-creators of reality.

This workshop is a mini version that takes 90 minutes where you get a sense of how to work with the method.