Tina Olofsson – Vedic Art – Mandala Workshop

Poet, artist and educated Vedic Art teacher with a passion for circles, patterns and to paint Mandalas. With a heartfelt interest for consciousness expansion (Acim) my wish is that my
poems and paintings will inspire people to express themselves in a way that is true to them!

Ive been an entrepreneur for many years, for example within the restaurant business, and I have also been working with alternative medicine (Bonitolog). Nowadays I work full time with my art and as a Vedic Art teacher.

Vedic Art – Mandala Workshop

With inspiration from the freedom and the playful, permissive attitude in Vedic Art you will be guided step by step in creating your own unique Mandala. We let our feeling and intuition guide us in the choice of colours and patterns, and we get to experience that everybody is able to find their expression in form of a Mandala, no previous experience from painting is required.

Mandala means Circle in Sanskrit and is a strong symbol for the Whole. All is included within this Whole, where every little part is equally significant.

A meditative and creative activity that gives spiritual nourishment!

Your Mandala will be an excellent meditation painting and a beautiful artwork that you will bring with you home.
2 hours workshop, max. 12 participants, all materials included, aprons will be available.
I wish you warmly welcome!