Yogansa Flow – Irini Dougias Andersson

Yogansa Flow is a combination of dance and yoga, a guided practice with lots of open space for free flow and improvisation as well.

In yoga the practice often becomes very serious, static and kind of forced into a form, we want to reach that “perfect asana”. We will infuse the yogic practice with ease, rhythm and softness! The dancing part will open up for new ways of moving, your body will get into patterns and flows it has never been in before!

The workshop includes a yoga warm up, free expressive dancing and a guided sequence of fun dance moves. This is for everyone! No experience of yoga or dance is needed.

Irini Dougias Andersson is a devoted Dance & Yoga teacher. She is the Founder & Owner of Yogansa, a true space for connection, collaboration and the expressive arts.

Irini is dedicated to living her truth through playfulness and channeling her inner child. Her Passion in this life time is creating the space for others to grow though self empowerment. By radiating joy, Irini hopes to inspire others to live their passion by being authentic and brave!