Anna Caballero – Drum Journey

Anna’s mission in life is to help people to opening up the communication to the heart, to really listen to what our body is telling us and from there live an authentic life TO THE FULLEST! Guiding people to inviting MORE into their life, more happiness, pleasure, joy! Whatever gives them those bubbles on the inside✨💖✨

Open up for the possibility that there is more out there! Anna has been working as a life coach, both individually and with groups, for over 20 years. Her goal in life is to guide people into opening their heart and from there live a happier more fulfilled life, growing into the best possible version of themselves! To connect the mind with the body/ feelings, using techniques as sound vibrations (drumming and singing bowls), healing (reiki, frequency healing, crystals etc.), mindfulness, Tantra, NLP, Motivational interviewing, solution focused approach. She’s also the creator of crystal jewellery, mainly bracelets, with the goal to let the crystals support the body in whatever process the body is in.

Drum Journey

Anna will take you on a journey within yourself, using drumming and singing bowls. This is a time for YOU, to be in your own space and just land into your own body🙏🏼