Bo Wikström – Ensouling the body in psychotherapy

Bo Wikström is a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist and has worked with individual psychotherapy since 1974. He has worked with all kinds of clients since then.

His interest in social anthropology led him to be part of the Kalahari Project with 2 others to explore the bushmens trance dance. The outcome of this adventure was a short film that won a price at a shortfilm festival in 1990.

Bo has an interest in depth psychology which brought training in hypnosis and body psychotherapy. An interest in the transpersonal realms resulted in a training in Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) in which he graduated 1997. Breathwork has been an approach that he has used regularly for 35 years. Several other methods like ego state therapy, EMDR and other methods are integrated in his way of working.

In 1999 he was in a group who organized a transpersonal conference; ”Exploring the Spiritual Dimension” in Stockholm.

He has been blessed with two wonderful sons and one grandson. Otherwise he likes reading, socializing with friends and walking in the woods.

Ensouling the body in psychotherapy

How to raise your vibration in trillions of cells in your body. With practical exercises and a little theory afterwards.