Eva Ankarvall – Satyananda Yoga

Eva Ankarvall was born and raised in Västervik, Småland. After 30 years in Stockholm, she now lives and works again in Västervik and has her second home in Mallorca since 2015. She has a 2.5 year yoga teacher training in Satyananda yoga and 50h in Yinyoga and has taught yoga and meditation since 2014.

The desire to immerse herself into the yogic tradition and live more yogic came from a desire to find balance between body and soul.
The realization of how strongly each physical exercise / asana affects us and that an incorrect exercise or series for you, can increase the possible existing imbalances in your mind and body, led to a desire to spread yoga to others.

Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga is an internationally recognized yoga system that is deeply rooted in a tradition, but adapted to meet the needs of modern society. It is a rich and broad yoga tradition with roots in India that has been passed from generation to generation, first and foremost as a student / teacher relationship where personal experience has been the most important. The name comes from the man who created and carried this tradition on and then has kept spreading further through his disciples.

Satyananda Yoga involves, among other things, the practice of:
Asanas (Hatha yoga)
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Shatkarmas (purification techniques)
Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mudras (gestures), Bandhas (body lock)
Dhyan / meditation (from the ancient tantric scriptures),
for example Ajapa-Japa (meditation, breathing with mantra) and
Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation / yogic sleep meditation)