Göran Lundh – Tai Chi Qigong and Yoga together

Taichi Qigong – ”Shibashi” 18 movements

Slow, flowing movements for the whole body.
A gentle way to start blood and energy flows in our bodies.
To find balance and presence. Top up with energy and power.
Fits most, can be adapted to ability and bodily response.

Göran Lund started with Taichi early and over the years he has
tried different forms of Qigong. In 2000, he began teaching Taichi Qigong, the 18th form.

Yoga together

Bring a friend, partner or get a buddy in place. In contact, trust and presence, we try different yoga exercises in movements and postures. We stretch, strengthen and balance our bodies together in a playful and exploratory way.

What happens in the interaction between us? How do we help and support each other?

Göran Lund has taught yoga since 1997. He has experienced many different traditions