Gro – Heart Songs & Mantra Chanting

Gro, also known as Gro Johanna Kalén is a Swedish born musician, sound healer, yogi & shaman. Music has been a part of Gro´s life in different forms throughout her life. In 2019 she released her first album as a solo artist. An album which she has recorded and produced in her studio located in a little cabin in the forests of Sweden.

With her present voice, soundscapes from nature, suggestive rhythms and beautiful melodies she weaves together an unique world of sound. Her heart medicine music brings one to remember the timeless true nature of one´s soul.

Heart Songs & Mantra chanting

Welcome to a beautiful and meditative heart-opening singing circle. We will chant mantras and sing universal songs together, sending our loving sound vibrations to Mother Earth.
Everyone is welcome to join.