Hanna Backman – Yoga

Hanna Backman is appreciated for her way to move freely between philosophy, asanas of different traditions, breathwork and to find relevance in these old teachings in a modern day life. Trying to keep it real and making it welcoming for everyone.

On the side of her career as a designer and artist she has studied for many different teachers and traditions. Her yoga journey started over 25 years ago. Today she is the owner of the yoga studio Little Peace Yoga in Stockholm where she shares yoga along with 10 other teachers. You can also hear her in the podcast Little Peace Talk.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic and challenging class where you will sweat and smile. Tones of music varying anywhere between funk, hiphop, raga and pavarotti will hold you in this class where you will end with a meditation.

Three steps into stillness

Asana, Pranayama, Meditation.
What it is. We will move our body, transfer into our finer layers through breathwork and rest in the effects of it – meditation. Welcome as you are.

Yin yoga with tennis balls

When we combine yin yoga with myofascial release from tennis balls, we really take the practice to new levels. You will rest, roll, massage and be completely still. This class will make your prana flow!

Philosophical Talk

From Ahimsa to Samadhi
Do you know the yogic systems are based on a whole lot of philosophy? It is as if it was written for our times and there is a lot of guidance and food for thought to be found.

Here, we will take a closer look at the eight-limbed path of Patanjali. We will look at different aspects of living our life with more grace. It all starts in our daily life and ends with our pure consciousness.