Helena Hilmgård – Gong Bath & Crystal Healing

Helena Hilmgård is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and mantra musician with a love and passion for yoga and sound. She is appreciated for combining live music with yoga and for her ability to hold space for healing, growth and unfoldment. She is also a gong player and loves to share the powerful healing vibrations of the gong, singing bowls, Rav Vast and other beautiful sound healing instruments.

Gong Bath & Crystal Healing

At the festival Helena Hilmgård will be sharing a gong bath in combination with crystal healing together with Nikita Alfaro. In this class you will receive deep relaxation and healing from the gong bath and crystals. The gong helps you to enter deep relaxation and a meditative state. Crystals will be placed on your body, and your chakras, to replenish energy and help the body to release blockages. The combination of gong and crystals is powerful and supportive for the healing process of the body.

Maximum number of participants 16 people.