Joel Ringberg – Drum Journey

He is a young promising Transformational Life Coach and healer full of light & with an extraordinary presence. With 13 years of experience holding space in youth camps, through workshops, retreats & in his coaching practice, he creates a safe, non-judgemental and loving space for you to explore and identify your fears and limitations and release them.

He is naturally gifted to tune in to people, feel energies and transform them to the highest frequency. He has a unique ability to see you and to reach in to your heart.

Joel’s biggest passion and purpose is to help people open up to embrace all parts of themselves, realizing their inner power and potential, so that they can walk their highest path.

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Workshop – Drum Journeys

He will be doing 2 workshops, together with his workshop partner Mouschka:
– Drum Journey – Ceremony to your Inner Fire
– Drum Journey – Connect with your Inner Child

Conscious Rap Performance

Rap has for a long time been a music genre with very negative and destructive forces. In his performance Joel is turning this around to use the rapstyle as a tool for positive programming, to spread wisdom, and expand our consciousnesses.

Be very present when he is performing his expansive and empowering conscious rap-songs, cuz it might just go very fast!