Johan Hedström – Yin & Yang Yoga/Breathwork

Johan Hedström Teaches Yin & Yang yoga – Psychology & Personal Growth Workshops – Dance & Music Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor – Certified in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Yin & Yang Yoga

Yin & Yang Yoga is a combination of several traditions. It integrates the powerful and the gentle parts of us. We mix the energy & vitality together with relaxation & recovery. Yin uses the body’s own weight & gravity to enter deeply relaxing and liberating positions. In Yang, we focus on dynamics and power to strengthen the body and the mind.

Breathwork with Live Music

Breathwork supports us to let go of pain and stress both in the physical and emotional body.
It is a way to experience altered states of consciousness, to explore deeper dimensions of being a human being and find a power you might not even knew you had. No prior experience needed.
Not recommended if pregnant.

Live music with Johan Bysell.