Kajsa Köhlberg – Selfcare & Relaxation

Kajsa, with 5 years of education in Naprapaty, is a popular therapist with over 15 years of experience and extra educations (Craniosakraltherapy, Energy Work, Acupuncture, and more) as work around the world.

She’s been helping business leaders, athletes, high sensitive, families, tricky injuries to heal and more.

Her mission is to spread more wellbeing, health, knowledge and wisdom as harmony, care and peace in us as the world.

That she does with sessions, lectures, workshops, researching the best methods as tools as products at her webshop to feel our best and pure harmony health and balance in life as different situations.

Much welcome!

Selfcare & Relaxation

-learn the most afficient ways to heal tension, balance stress and feel more relaxation and harmony as enjoy bliss in life.

Health and selfcare with love, care and some fun as easy to apply in daily life. Quality versus quantity.

To bring with: something to lay on, towel/blanket/jacket, maybe pillow and a water bottle for hydration/drinking if you have.

Welcome for a relaxing moment of selfcare and harmony.

You are so worth your love and care.