Lisa & Henry – Life is Rhythm – African Roots

Lisa Josefsson

Lisa is a dance teacher as well as a movement and intimacy coach. Her long experience in Mozambique led her to change route in life after she learnt how movement, rhythm and community can heal us is so many ways. Lisa co-founded the movement practice Life is Rhythm with Celso Paco.
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Henry Kaboe

Henry Kaboe is a percussionist, storyteller and dancer from Tanzania. Henry learnt the wisdom of his ancestors already as a young boy and went through may traditional dance groups as a dancer and musician while growing up in East Africa. Today he is famous for the energy and presence he gives as a percussionist at any event he plays. Henry plays with Jambo Africa in Stockholm.

Life is Rhythm – African Roots

You are welcome! Your children are welcome, your aunt is welcome, your friends are welcome, whoever you are, this is a moment for all of us to come together and dance with each other and to the drums. Let’s shake loose, move to the rhythm and let go of our problems in the Life is Rhythm Healing circle. All across African traditions, you are no one without your community, alone you can go fast, but together we can go far!

Life is Rhythm as a concept goes beyond dance moves and choreographies to find our inner dancer, where we can express our emotions, connecting ourselves to the African Roots. Lisa and Henry have connections from Mozambique and Tanzania. We celebrate the different cultures and costumes of the African continent, but at the same time acknowledging that the drum in itself bring us together as one.