Louis Engellau Fellbom - Tattoo Artist

Louis Engellau Fellbom – Tattoo Artist

Woodwork & Tattoo

He will be co-creating with lifeful festival this year again, selling some of his woodwork and providing you with tattoos!


He does utilitarian sculptures mostly, where he infuses strong intentions and energy in the creating process of the items.
He also takes orders for specific carving ideas you come to him with.


He is first hand an illustrator, which is a style he has infused alot in his tattooing. He only does black and white tattoos, and with vegan ink based on minerals.

He likes to create meaning, and symbolism, together with his customers, and he really sees the exchanges as a co-creative space where you will mark your body together.

He is super grateful to be part of this year again, and he is looking forward to seeing you all soon!