Louise Oo – Kids Festival

Yoga has been a part of Louise path since she got introduced to it 25 years ago.

The year of 2009 after Louise giving birth to her twin beetlik boys a passionate and challenging time was ahead. Louise dived deep into self development with a highly sensitive system there was no support from the system so it had to be her own way.

Through a decennium of self exploration and practicing motherhood alongside with numerous workshops, retreats, a private spiritual mentor for 5 years, 3 NLP trainings, 2 Herbal therapist education , 2 mindfulness instructor trainings, 2 Children and family Yoga trainings (with Helen Larsson) thai yoga massage workshops, Vipassana led to two 200h YTT in Greece and India.

Louise co creator of Sweden’s first two Kidtopia events at Noden facilitating family Yoga for Children age 3 -13. Louise also practiced Yoga in her home with her sons and friends as well as adventures in the forrest, parks, beaches and indoor yoga classes.

For the third year Louise will co create with Helen Larsson at Lifeful Kids festival. Every chance Louise is presented with to explore yoga adventures with children she takes. Together with Louise and Helen you and your child will, in a mindful and joyful way, explore and celebrate yoga.

Louis’s favourite word is Niceness!