Luna Sixtensdotter – Mental Stillness

Luna has 10+ years of experience leading and arranging workshops related to personal growth and body awareness. Currently employed as a Personal trainer/motivator, masseur and movement therapist at KanKliniken in Stockholm/Sweden. Luna is the founder of Movement Alchemy and Stark Insida. She is an Embodiment Coach, Cuddle therapist, Personal Trainer and Inspirator.

Luna is known for having an amazing ability to be present and intuitive in the work she does. She creates a safe and nourishing space where she holds and challenges you for the benefit of your own growth.
”My calling is for people to experience love and connection, experience their infinite soul and at the same time all the possibilities there is to have a body here on earth”

Mental Stillness

Is there a connection between mental illness and our loss of connection?

I believe that when we move, breath and sound with awareness it is possible to create new neuro-phat ways. To reprogram and remember what has been lost and forgotten.

This is an invitation for you to explore your inner landscape
To dream yourself self awake through the senses of your existence, your temple, your body, the earth and each other.

I will guide you into your body, invite you to explore your senses and listen to the intelligence of the whole. Deepen your awareness. Something that is totally up to you when it comes to how much you are willing to indulge. It is a simple yet powerful process that can result in a profound sense of peace and connection. No searching for sensational experiences, nothing to do, to earn or deserve. We just slow down and surrender to what is.

Techniques inspired from Bioenergetics, Yoga and Sound healing.


Mirror Neurons, we are all the same, yet so different!

Welcome to an opportunity to explore the realm of mirror neurons, your journey, the dance of life. A guided dance meditation. As humans, we have the ability to sense and feel , interpret and read our surroundings through our mirror neurons.

It happens fast,spontaneously and Intuitively just hours after we are born. Through the body and our senses, we can percieve and actually experience each others’ emotions and experiences. And in this way develop as humans and deepen our connection and empathetic features. We are each other’s mirrors.

“The body is full of slumbering memories of our past and our future, let’s explore, let’s witness and listen. Come, let me guide you.”