DJ Masaya – Ecstatic Dance

Dj Masaya mixes a fresh breeze of global sounds blended with electronic beats, taking you on a musical trip around the world with futuristic sounds. From downtempo-folktronic sounds to a curated selection of latin electrocumbia, afrohouse, Balkan, Arabic, Caribbean and Mediterranean influences, you can expect your feet to start moving to the beat of the world.

His exclusive radio show, “Global Groove” has been transmitted since 2009 through the guatemalan radio, and can be listened on mixcloud as one of the most ranked shows on world music/downtempo.

Originally from Guatemala, Dj Masaya is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has become an essential reference of the global music scene in the city, bringing his sound to ecstatic dances, parties and festivals as well as touring around Europe and the world.