Mattias Sundman – Gong Master

Mattias is an educated Gong Master and MEM Gong-Yoga teacher at his own company “Feel The Vibes – Gong, Yoga & Meditation”.

He was shown images by Shervin Boloorian on how cells and cancer cells are affected by sound (research from the 80’s by Fabien Maman). It was stated that some sounds caused cells to light up energetically and some sounds caused cancer cells to dissolve. This planted a seed, and Mattias, a few years later, took the decision to begin his sound-journey with offering Gong Relaxation.

Mattias has now played Gong for over 5 years and plays regularly all around Stockholm, at yoga festivals, for companies and other events.

Gong Relaxations is a way to still your mind and get deep relaxation. This is accomplish by the Gongs big amount of overtones and vibrations that goes deep into the body and helps the self-healing capability. Afterwards you feel deeply relaxed and filled with new energy.