Mouschka – Drum Journey

Mouschka is a therapeutic life coach, a shamanic practitioner & a source creator – being connected with source through visions. Having done ceremonies & workshops with both native & western shamans, she’s been travelling Scandinavia for 7 years doing drum journeys since the very first time she beat her drum. She’s the creator of aMOUSCHKA Totem Jewellery & FreeYourself Crystal drums, beautifully adorned personalized shaman drums. Mouschka carries the wisdom of Pippi, daring to jump into the new. Her passion is to help people step into the center of their own power & follow their inner voice.

Drum Journey

Ceremonial Drum Journey on the theme of Freedom.
A four-step process to manifesting an inner feeling of Freedom: Creating a sharp intention through visual meditation downloaded in the now – Sending out the intention in a ceremonial space in the circle – Finding guidance in your own subconscious through journeying on the sound of the drum & being healed at the same time – Getting tips to how to keep working with the knowledge at home in challenging situations.