Mouschka – Drum Journey

Drum Journey – Ceremony to your Inner Fire

The world is burning, in many physical & non-physical ways! If we believe that “as within so without”, it is of uttermost importance to balance our inner fire. Modern society pushes us to often use our fire element too much, to press forward, to achieve more. And more & more people get burn-out.

Try this ancient shamanic method to see how your inner fire burns, how you can regulate it & get tips to keep working at home.The journey will also be a healing space, a double-drumming with 2 drums.

Drum Journey – Connect with your Inner Child

For those who have meditated or journeyed before!
Our cells have memory, they are concealing experiences that we don’t even remember, times when we tightened some part of our body to be able to cope with the situation. Instead of shaking off the emotions, like animals do in distressing situations, we repressed our feelings, adapted ourselves to get the love we needed to survive & formed hidden beliefs about what was right & wrong. When we were too young to take care of ourselves fully this was crucial to survival & we stored the emotion inside – until now!

Through shamanic meditation focused on the body, we will try to access those well hidden emotions in a playful way & you will travel to what shamanism calls the underworld & what a modern approach would call the subconscious to meet your inner child & have a talk with her/him.

Mouschka (Drouzy)

Being a double entrepreneur offering services she hasn’t been schooled in, Mouschka comes with an energy of daring to jump into the new & trusting your inner power. Her passion is to help people step into the center of their own power, listen to their inner voice & communicate it with trust & openness.

Mouschka’s shamanic training has come through the drum, her understanding of Reiki & from multiple workshops & ceremonies with western & indigenous shamans. All of it on a foundation of a 2½ year long therapeutical Life Coach training & many years at university.

Mouschka has been travelling Scandinavia the last 8 year giving drum journeys to hundreds of people. She is also a shaman drum builder & totem animal jewellery designer.

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