Nikita Alfaro – Gong Bath & Crystal Healing

Receiving healing from Nikita is like being hugged in body, mind, and soul. She is warm, gentle, and highly intuitive in her approach. Most importantly, it comes from the heart. Nikita is a: trained crystal therapist; Reiki step 1 and 2; Yoga (hatha and yin) with embodiment 300h; and Fee Body & Mind Healing. She also holds women and dance circles where she explores the power of unity in dance with deep electronic music that allures the soul.

Gong Bath & Crystal Healing

At the festival Nikita Alfaro will be sharing a crystal healing in combination with gong bath together with Helena Hilmgård. In this class you will receive deep relaxation and healing from the gong bath and crystals. The gong helps you to enter deep relaxation and a meditative state. Crystals will be placed on your body, and your chakras, to replenish energy and help the body to release blockages. The combination of gong and crystals is powerful and supportive for the healing process of the body.

Maximum number of participants 16 people.


Nikita Alfaro takes you on a journey to other dimensions. She loves to play around with mysterious sounds and a heavy bass line. She has no specific genre, but loves to build up a unique experience within the electronic realm that makes your body vibrate. Tranquile & wild at once