Ornella Ganduglia

Ornella Ganduglia

Workshop Roses Meditation

WHAT IS ROSES MEDITATION? The Rose Meditation is a complete system of cleansing, protection and energy management that is taught in 3 levels. It is a simple, deep and powerful tool for observation, knowledge and self-transformation. 💙

WHAT IS IT FOR? * Offer you a moment of calm, silence, just for you * Increase your mental clarity and discernment * Learn to observe you and get to know you * Better understand the causes of some discomfort, stress, depression in order to have a real opportunity for transformation * Have a tool that allows you to face the challenges of life with more awareness and neutrality * Awaken your intuition and reconnect with the voice of your heart, where are all the answers to all the questions you will find throughout your life * Help you Deal with the energies that you carry on your aura field.

Workshop Reconnecting with your Intuition

A time to expand your knowledge about How Intuition Works, and the difference between mind and Intuition, allowing to take Care both of the guidances that come from there. Here we are going to share some Techniques to keep you on the tune of your spirit. Helping the Ego to adjust to the necessity of our Essence.

Ornella Ganduglia Escalante is a Self-awareness Enthusiastic, this, as a form of Transcendence. From a very early time in her life, she realized that she needed to deconstruct the programs and models of most of the proposals that the adults of her time presented to her as ways of living life. That concerned about transforming, led her to find many tools that she learned: Aura Reading, the Pathwork, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Vedanta, and various other techniques…

All of them helped her to look at the world from a totally different perspective, and that at the same time allowed her to transform her whole personality, becoming today a Spiritual Teacher. Her path as Aura Reading Therapist began, she graduated as a Rose Meditation Teacher, and Aura Reading Teacher, accompanying students who have the same willingness to recognize themselves on their own path. Today, she is a reference in energy cleansing, education and self-awareness, in other words she is A Medicine Woman.