Prem Macuxiva – Organizer & Ecstatic Dance

Macuxiva has been dedicating his life to different ways to express the being, a seeker of movement freedom. From Amazon, north brazilian, using the dance as a shamanic power to transform poison into nectar, with the roots on the forest, the heart on Índia and an open mind colecting influences around the world, Macuxiva is a multifaceted artist, tireless promoter of conscious gatherings and a passionate facilitator.

Organizer of Awaken Club and Lifeful Festival (together with Johan Hedström). He brings to his events, workshops and spiritual practices his experience with contemporary dance, theater and poetry performance, creating an atmosphere of liberation and celebration. Trained as a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic massagist by the Maa Yoga Ashram at Rishkesh Índia.