Sandra Osman Abass – Spiral Flow / Self-love Yin

Spiral Flow is an easy, playful, flowing class with focus on body awareness and embodiment.
When we physically know HOW our hand feels like and where are feet are, then we can start to have conversations with people that are real.They are not numbed out, or masked over by the idea of who we think we are. We can just be REAL.
The yoga poses are the vehicle to help us start feeling and being aware again.
A class suitable for all levels, no previous experience needed.

Self-love Yin is an invitation to allow yourself to find a safe space just to be.
A relaxing class that works with the energy meridians in your body to release blockages and cultivate your lifeforce.
The idea is to stay in the positions for 3-5 min to restart your nervous system. By communicating to your brain that there is no danger. Eventually tension in your mind can be released and you can begin to see more clearly what you can do with what you have in life.
Suitable for all levels.

Sandra Osman Abass
Movement has always been Sandra’s life.
She has background as a Sambadancer & percussionist in the group Sambomba.
Sandra started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago but it wasn’t until she went through a burn-out, yoga became her way to find her inner silence and make actual changes.
She trained with Yoga Alliance in India within Ashtanga yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and she has taken various extensions- and advanced courses for Julie Martin, Roberto Miletti, and Carlos Romero.

Currently she is teaching courses and workshops in Stockholm, Ängsbacka Yogafestival.
Yoga’s deep spiritual philosophy continues guiding her every day to remind her to stay connected and authentic.

Find Sandra @yogawithsandrao