Sigridur Eythorsdottir – Creative Inquiry

Voice dialog

Meeting different aspects of ourselves. To become one with the 10.000 dharmas. We work with owned and disowned aspects of the self, express them and give them voice. With no effort we learn to move the mind in multitudes of perspectives.

Shadow work

Showing up, growing up and opening up. How to care for our vulnerable self identities in changing times. We will work with 2 different methods for transformation.

Creative Inquiry

Diving into the depths of being is a continuous colorful journey. Creative Inquiry is a tool for deep self-reflection through which we get to know ourselves. We embody a question and then actualize it as art. The inquiries are framed so that the journey from concept to expression gently invites your transformation. We will invite questions around vulnerability and resilience during the lifeful festival.

Sigridur Eythorsdottir

Sigridur is a certified transpersonal psychotherapist and art
psychotherapist, and an Integral facilitator. She is the founder
of Tögel Art Center.