Ulrika Beijer – Voicepower & Holiyoga

During the years 2018-2020, Ulrika trained as a yoga teacher under Ulrica Liavor’s leadership at Shanti yoga in Västerås. She is now a certified Holiyoga Voice teacher Level I and II, the training includes 1,500 hours of teacher-led teaching as well as 500 hours of theory, self-study and practice. Ulrika also has a degree as a Holiyoga teacher, an education that includes 360 hours of teacher-led teaching and 240 hours of theory, self-study and practice.

Ulrika has also worked as a teaching assistant for Ulrica Liavor at the latest teacher training in Holiyoga Voice 2020 – 2021. Ulrika has also immersed herself in voice toning and sound bowl massage with Marie Bergman. 2020-21 Ulrika is taking the Movement Mastery course with Anja Berg in Gothenburg. Ulrika also has 7.5 higher education credits Modern Yoga Religion and Philosophy from Karlstad University.

During her career as a singer and artist, Ulrika has worked with mental training, Yoga, philosophy of life, diet and health.

Vision – To make people live with an open heart.


After being an participant at Lifeful Festival several times I am so happy to be able to share Voicepower and Holiyoga Voice with you this year. I will invite you to a class with focus on the voice through the body and mind.
We will explore the power of the voice from a chakra aspect together. A journey that holds voice and vibration, movement and sound meditation.
We gently wake the voice and body, release tension, find the energy and the power in the voice and release and blocked energy in the body. Each session begins with breathing technique into flow exercises (asanas) with vibration of the voice, dance and ends with guided meditation and sound healing.

You are welcome to the session exactly where you are right now.
The session does not require any prior knowledge of yoga.

Holiyoga Flow

Holiyoga Flow is a present, soft and flowing yoga form where we actively synchronize the breath with the movements. We work to prolong breathing that creates a relief of the nervous system and relieves stress and anxiety. We awaken the body slowly and grounding with asanas combined with visama-vritti breathing. Each session begins with breathing technique and ends with a short guided meditation. No previous knowledge required.