Ulrika Berge – Sound Journey

Sound Journey by Ulrika Berge Sounds have been used within many traditions here on earth to strengthen and heal the body through deep relaxation. But also to focus the mind and for meditation. Gongs and singing bowls create amazing soundwaves that effect us deeply. Ulrikas use gongs, crystal bowls, voice, sounds inspired by nature and silence in her sound journeys. You are invited to come, lie down, close your eyes and let the sounds touch you. The vibrations of sound are powerful. Enjoy!

When Ulrika started to practice yoga and meditation in 2007 she was drawn to Nada Yoga = to meditate on the inner sounds of the body. During a trip to China she met amazing instruments in the temples which had sounds that she felt deeply on a cellular level. They were huge, often larger than a human body. She bought her first singing bowl in China in 2008 but it was not until she got a set of Crystal Singing bowls in 2014 that she started playing daily and holding sound meditations for others. Since then she has played in many different contexts and studied soundhealing with amongst others Björn Löken, Gongmuse Surana, Michele and Nestor at Harmonic Sounds. Ulrika also explored voice and movement with different teachers through the years. She work as an artist and writer. Ulrika sometimes give individual soundhealings sessions, using voice and singing bowls from Bhutan that has very strong vibration.