Veronica Holm – Embodied Hatha Flow

Veronica is originally from Mariestad and moved to Stockholm 2016. Veronica is a certified yoga teacher and lic. personal trainer since many years back with a great interest in both body and soul.

Veronica teaches both more physical exercise / yoga as well as the recovering forms Yinyoga, Restorative & Yoga Nidra and in recent years has been diving deeper into Embodied Flow which includes a mix of asanas, free movement, somatic tools and tantric philosophy. In addition to yoga and exercise,

Veronica is passionate about animals and nature and also works as a landscape / nature conservationist where scything is very close to the heart but also fruit tree pruning and other things that mean being out and working with the body in nature.

Functional Strength & moves

Allow your body to wake up through functional physical movement that includes both mobility, strength and different intervals to raise the heart rate. We use the body as a tool in this sweaty but playful and fun workout.

Embodied Hatha Flow

– Go with the flow. In this class we are gonna explore our inner ocean, our inner landscape, adapting to what is in this moment and move from there, going with the flow, which brings us in a state of moving meditation.

Veronica will guide you through various movement & asana sequences which will maybe even lead you to free movement on or off the mat. We will end the class with a meditation.

The class is influenced by Embodied FlowTM.
Embodied Flow is an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology that elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.